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21 July 2020 - 16.00 (CEST)

Transforming cash forecasting: iCash success story



Transforming cash forecasting: iCash success story

The process of forecasting ATM replenishment has been traditionally done manually. Conservative replenishment methods are not designed to avoid cash outage situations, resulting in unnecessary trip cost as well as high residual cash situations.

Designed and built in-house by HSBC, iCash cash forecasting tool replaces human efforts by using machine learning technology to make predictions about cash withdrawal patterns and the percentage of idle cash for different scenarios, based on which the number of replenishment trips can be optimised. The tool can also trigger emergency replenishments during any unforeseen cash outages. ICash enables HSBC to provide more reliable and convenient service to customers by making sure the bank has the cash in the right place at the right amount for them.




Global Head of Consumer Services, HSBC Global Operations

Chris Trill has held a role on the Executive Management Team of Global Operations within HSBC from 2014. Most recently, Chris assumed the role of Head of Consumer Services on 1 May 2019, following the integration of Operational Services and Consumer Operations. Previously, Chris was Head of Operational Services from April 2017, a role that included Supplied Services, but with a remit over-time to build key service utilities, including Strategic Sourcing Solutions, Analytics, e-commerce, corporate actions, reconciliations, collateral and Global Publishing Services. Developing a utility function for the parts of the process that are shared by wholesale and consumer banking will help us build scale, expertise, consistency, and ultimately, a great reputation for world-class delivery. Since July 2012, Chris has been the Global Head of Supplied Services for Global Operations. Chris leads an international team of 4,500 colleagues and takes responsibility for the Group’s supplier and vendor relationships including cash management, customer correspondence, and physical document management and storage, direct costs that amount to USD500 million. In his previous role, Chris was the Head of UK Benefits, where he devised, developed and led the HR Benefits strategy, policies, practices and programmes, and its effective implementation. Chris also created a framework for Benefits products and services delivered by third party providers. Prior to HSBC, Chris was Director – UK Benefits, Corporate HR, with GlaxoSmithKline, where he conceptualised and led a cost effective corporate wide pension and benefit programme. Whilst at GlaxoSmithKline Chris also held a global role in procurement supporting HR. Chris held a wide range of sales and account management roles in the early part of his career with companies such as Energis (Cable & Wireless), Kelly Services and ATA Group. He also co-founded a firm providing recruitment services in 2001. Chris graduated with a Bachelors degree in Economics and Social History from the University of East Anglia, Norwich.


Members of board, C-level, Senior/Global Vice Presidents, Directors, Heads of departments from banking industry involved in:

  • Operations
  • Operations Support
  • Operations Strategy
  • Financial Markets Operation
  • Fund Department – Operation Management – Fund Operations
  • Derivatives Operations
  • Trade Operations (Trading of securities, Trade confirmation and settlement, regulatory compliance)
  • Shared Services
  • Lean Transformation/Lean Competence Centre
  • IT
  • RPA
  • Customer Operations
  • Consumer Services
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Branch Support
  • Global Operating Models and Smart Sourcing
  • Organisation Department
  • HR Operations
21 JULY 2020 - 16.00 (CEST)

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This webinar is related to our 11th Annual Operational and Back Office Excellence Summit which will take place in Vienna on the 15 – 17 September. For more information visit our Summit website or request our brochure.

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